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Towing & Recovery

To assist us manage and deal with serious accidents or day to day towing, we operate the latest type of recovery and damage free under lift towing equipment. When a vehicle has been deemed as needing towing or recovery no task is too big for our recovery team.
Our heavy-duty towing and recovery work is divided between the company's two main heavy 'workhorses', a  Peterbilt 378 with a 35-ton hydraulic Recovery Unit, and a Peterbilt 378 with a 50-ton hydraulic Recovery Unit. In addition, the company operates a 50 foot Landoll flatbed for transporting specialized equipment and vehicles which have been severely damaged and are incapable of being towed. These three vehicles form the basis of the heavy vehicle resources, backed up by several other recovery and support vehicles used in conjunction on specialist jobs such as major incidents and bus and coach recovery.  We also operate three flatbed/rollback carriers for damage free towing of cars and light trucks.
We have numerous backup resources, which include other companies and their equipment, mobile cranes, forklifts, track loaders, rental equipment, and divers. These resources and our more than 50 years of experience make this team one of the most effective major incident teams of its kind in our operational area. When Seldomridge is called to respond, the job is as good as done. In fact, our motto is "If we can't get it...Forget It".
Fast, Reliable Service - "Since 1967"
3 Rollback Carriers
50 Ton Class C Wrecker w/ Hydraulic Wheel lift
35 Ton Class C Wrecker w/ Hydraulic Wheel lift
50' Landoll Hauloll Trailer
Heavy Duty Towing
Flatbed Towing
Damage Free Bus & Truck Wheel Lifts
Support Unit for accident recovery support and cleanup
Light & Heavy Duty Towing
Local & Long Distance Towing
Secured Storage Areas in FL and GA
Heavy Duty Recovery School Training
Tracked Loader
Cellular Dispatched
Licensed & Insured
Courteous, Class A CDL Licensed Drivers
Registered with ICC MC, US DOT, FHP, GHP and County Sheriff's Departments in North FL and South GA


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